Industry Roundup: 10 Of The Best Articles This Week

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Published: 24th November 2017
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In short:

Automation robot in digital manufacturing process

24th Nov: Here's our roundup of this week's top articles covering industrial and manufacturing news, with a focus on process, control, automation and instrumentation.

In detail:

1. Did Budget 2017 fix the productivity problem and other questions

Lee Hopley at EEF (The Manufacturers’ Association) summarises the key points of the Autumn Budget, the economy’s persistent productivity issues, and what this all means for manufacturers in the UK. Click here to read the article. 

2. Manufacturing orders strongest for nearly 30 years

The latest Industrial Trends Survey conducted by the Confederation of British Industry has revealed that total orders for UK manufacturing companies are at their highest since 1988. Read more here.

3. Future IIoT Workforce Must Prepare for Jobs Not Even Created Yet

“The Institute for the Future estimates that 85 percent of the jobs in 2030 have yet to be created.  What does this mean for manufacturers who need to attract and retain employees?” Digital transformation is predicted to put at least 20 billion devices online by 2020. Dave Vasko from Rockwell Automation discusses the skills gap in technology and manufacturing that will arise from this, and what employers can do to prepare. Read the full article.

4. Hire a Data Detective to Solve Manufacturing’s Mysteries

““Data detective,” “ethical sourcing officer” or “master of edge computing.” These are just some of the new jobs that will emerge after the robots inch their way across the enterprise and assembly line.” Stephanie Neil at Automation World expands on the previous article in this roundup, discussing Cognizant's new report about how robots, automation and AI are transforming the future of work.

5. 3 Ways to Extend Business Value with the IIoT

Rob McGreevy at Schneider Electric proposes three main suggestions for using the IIOT to extend and build on the value of existing equipment and investments, rather than replacing them. Integrating these strategies into the greater picture can help businesses to meet their overall goals and objectives. Read the suggestions here.

6. SCADA reflects and reinvents

"Even as a broad term, SCADA is not a distinct thing anymore. Now it's all about the data, and how what used to be SCADA is converging with and incorporating a whole bunch of new technologies," Control Global’s most popular article this week discusses the dramatic transformations that supervisory control and data acquisition has undergone in recent years. Read Jim Montague's thoughts on the impact of big data.

7. Packaging and Processing OEMs Continue on Digital Path

Automation World summarises the latest report from the Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies on the Evolution of Automation 2017. Digitisation of the factory will continue to evolve, predicts PMMI, with adoption of real-time data collection, edge computing and cloud analytics.

8. Wireless Interoperability Fuels the Industrial Internet of Things

This article by Bert Williams from ABB Wireless - featured on - talks about communications infrastructure and connectivity between industrial things to IIOT cloud platforms, to ensure that data is actionable and operations are optimised. Click here to read the article.

9. Automated Robotics & 3D Printing

Zenoot has produced a feature on the advancement of 3dp technology, and the role it plays in the transition into digital manufacturing and Industry 4.0. Zenoot points to KUKA Robotics as a leading example. Read more.

10. New report: UK’s failure to integrate engineering in curriculum

The skills shortage in engineering is no secret. A new report by the Institute of Mechanical Engineers analyses the present situation and proposes 9 key recommendations on how the UK can address the problem. Read the summary of the report.


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