Candidate testimonials

“I have come in contact with many recruitment services over the years and hand on heart the folks at Emerson Chase are without doubt the most professional I have found and used”

Emerson Chase are a very dynamic, active and hardworking company. They are goal oriented and very professional with excellent communication skills.

I worked with Simon and the team in my new position for MSA company at Emerson Chase company. He has great attention to detail and numbers and he always amazes me with his intelligence.

The team at Emerson Chase never shy away from presenting the business needs. Adding value is always on top of their list and they have fully supported me to achieve all of the best benefits. I wish them success always.

Moustafa Elsalmawy - Area Sales Manager - ME/PPE - MSA for safety

I can’t recommend Trina and the Emerson Chase team highly enough – Trina was very professional, dedicated and helpful in finding me my current role at a great company. Trina was in constant contact with me, keeping me updated with feedbacks from my current employer prior and after interview phases, and she was at all times very positive and encouraging. Emerson Chase took care to find out exactly what I was looking for and was careful to make sure to only put me forward for roles which closely matched what I had asked for. It was a real pleasure dealing with them.

If you ever come across to know Trina, be sure she will do her best to find you the perfect position which matches your skills, I highly recommend Trina and Emerson Chase without a doubt.

Rafael Silva Coelho - Aerospace & Defence Sales Engineer - E-T-A Circuit Breakers UK

The Emerson Chase team are very positive and extremely proactive in their approach, to the extent that they can 'create' openings in organisations given the right candidate to work with. This is truly the mark of exceptional career recruitment professionals and I would thoroughly recommend the Emerson Chase team.

Steve Lampon - Sales Manager UK & Ireland - Jaytee Biosciences

Trina and the Emerson Chase team were a pleasure to work with, and are always extremely helpful and attentive. They liaised effectively, between me and my now employer, during each stage of the interview process and contract negotiations. Good luck to anyone working with Emerson Chase in the future!

Johnathan Adams - Sales Engineer - Ocean Optics

I was sitting in my office one day when the phone rang. I picked it up naturally and I heard a husky voice on the other side of the line introducing himself as Brad Austin. Being a fan of the popular US TV series in my teenage years, the 6 Million Dollar Man with Steve Austin as the main character, at the sub conscience level something told me I should listen to this guy because his last name is Austin too! And so, I did. Brad started probing if I were looking for a "move" and if I were interested in"cautiously exploring other opportunities", as he always puts it. I explained to him that I was quite happy where I was and wasn't really looking for a change. I agreed to keep him in mind should my situation or state of mind change.

Well, things changed gradually and one day I decided to give Brad a call. After an almost 3.5-year gap since we had spoken last, he remembered me vividly. To make a long story short, we worked together over the next 12 months until I found what I was looking for. With Brad and the team at Emerson Chase's tireless support and professionalism I could get the contacts I was looking for to take the next step in advancing in my career. What I was most impressed about was Emerson Chase's knowledge of the companies in the controls industry, persistence, availability, a rich pool of available positions, regional focus, and the list could go on. These and other qualities packaged and tailor-made to my needs in a very professional manner. Thank you Brad!

Ali Hoorsun - Director, Global Business Development and Marketing - KFT

The team at Emerson Chase were very professional in helping me to move to my current position. This is the second time they have assisted me in changing companies and I have always found them to be helpful and have a very good knowledge of the companies and market place I work in.

I would recommend the Emerson Chase team to anyone - they are a pleasure to work with.

Richard Webb - Area Sales Manager - South West/Wales - ABB

Emerson Chase were more than just a recruitment agency for me. A strong bond was built, very quickly, and a clear understanding was gained on both sides which led to a very focused approach.

I felt that they were helping me find the right job not just any job. It felt like they were on my side and gave me help, guidance and advice to ensure that the company and the role were right for my skills set but also right for what I was aiming towards in the future.

Their professional and tenacious approach ensured that I ended up at the company I wanted to work for, in the role that I wanted to do. What else can you ask for!! My contact with the team was very constructive and their personal approach means that I have no hesitation in recommending Emerson Chase to any other professional out there that wants to get the right job for them.

George Giles - Head of Environmental Power - Siemens UK

I have had the great pleasure of knowing and working with Brad and his team for more than 10 years. They have an outstanding reputation in the field of recruitment, and are highly respected within the process industry.

The team at Emerson Chase are very effective at identifying and placing sales professionals who meet the critical requirements of clients.

I joined Honeywell in 2000, after being recruited by Brad and I have enjoyed a great deal of success in my career.

I highly recommend the services of Emerson Chase to companies looking to hire talented people to drive business growth.

Gary Wedge - Business Development Manager Strategic Services UK&I PSS - Emerson Automation Solutions

The team at Emerson Chase are absolute experts in their field of recruitment, they are the most thorough of recruiters that I have known. They have placed me in an excellent position as well as many of my colleagues. Emerson Chase very well-known and respected within the controls arena and I would recommend them to anyone without prejudice.

Andy Davies - Sales Manager - Wago Kontakttechn

Emerson Chase are one of the excellent professional I have come across.

I am very much pleased and impressed with their wonderful services. The teams approach to put themselves into the customer shoes and then to think what is the best way to serve, makes them exceptional. They go the extra mile for the customer and client to make sure the recruitment process goes as smooth as possible.

Emerson Chase are also very sincere, particular and wonderful communicators too.

Hetal Vora - EPC Account Manager - Middle East - Honeywell

I owe the team at Emerson Chase this recommendation for their service minded approach and professional manner in handling my recruitment process. Their description of the position has been proven to be more than words; which has contributed to a good start at my present employer.

Daniel Frestad - Fire Protection Manager - Middle East - Victaulic

I was recruited by Emerson Chase to one of the best companies in the world. The team at Emerson Chase showed a high level of professionalism and support at all process stages. They give the right information at the right time and know exactly all the steps and the needed actions by both parties involved in the recruitment process. They also follow every step to make sure that everything is clear and never skip a detail.

Tariq Baddawi - Sales Manager - Middle East - Al-Rushaid Trading Company

Emerson Chase are one of the very few recruitment consultancies I have come across who take care of every stage of the recruitment process. Your prompt responses and feedback from beginning of notification of the job opportunity till finalising the employment contract gave me a clear picture about each step, so that I could plan very well. I really liked your briefing about the client and the interviewer before I went through the interview process. I would be willing to use your services any time, if there is a need for any recruitment services in future

Gopakumar Panicker - Regional Sales Manager - Middle East - Dresser

I had the great pleasure of being recruited by Emerson Chase for a senior position in the Middle East for a US based company. This was, for me, a new experience of the ways of working and challenges of being recruited into the Middle East. The team at Emerson Chase's extensive and professional knowledge of both the region and their clients made the whole experience easier. They have a very open and honest personality and also a friendly a sociable character.

I found Emerson Chase to be extremely helpful in answering any questions or dealing with any issues that arose and they responded both quickly and efficiently to any requests made.

I would certainly recommend Emerson Chase as a recruiting partner.

Neil Breakwell - Supplier Development Leader - Cooper Industries Ltd

The team at Emerson Chase are professional in selecting the right person to the requested jobs and very pro-active, continuously following up at all stages. Their knowledge of Saudi Arabia and the laws, legislations and cultures help them to bond socially with all people and helps people go through the process of moving company smoothly. Thank you very much to the team and anybody that has a dream to work in a big company i advise them to contact Emerson Chase.

Yousef Marie - Sales Engineer - Cooper Industries Ltd

The team at Emerson Chase have the talent to find the suitable candidate for the job and the right job for the job seeker. They are active in following up the deal until both sides reach their goal and are satisfied with the agreement.

Yasser Abdalla - Segment Manager - Industries - Grundfos

I found the team at Emerson Chase to go one step further than the usual recruitment consultant. True to their word, forward thinking and knowledgeable in their field.

Grant Danes - Technical Sales Engineer - Kingfisher Industrial

Emerson Chase's speciality being in the manpower hiring business and to relentlessly put efforts until they succeed. I have known Brad and the team at Emerson Chase for the past 18 months and have seen them work tirelessly for me in spite of us being away by several thousand miles. Brad as a manpower hiring firm is very professional in his approach and has excellent contacts in the Middle East and European markets. If anyone is looking to cautiously explore career opportunities Emerson Chase is the firm you should get in touch with.

Prasenjit Dasgupta - Manager-Bulk sales East - Praxair India Private Limited

I had few opportunities interacting with Emerson Chase. They have a deep understanding of the industry and are well connected to the Industry leader. Emerson Chase provide due diligence for client-candidate “FIT” which is highly recommendable for a professional looking for a change in the future. They would certainly be my first choice if i plan to move in my career.

Aamir Sayeed - Senior Sales Engineer–Instrumentation

My experience with Emerson Chase has been surely positive. They helped me so much since the beginning contacts with my actual company. Professionalism and courtesy are the first adjectives I would use to define Emerson Chase. Today I work for a good company with good people. And this is to Emerson Chase’s merit.”

Riccardo Orsanigo - Regional sales Manager for Italy - Detector Electronics Corporation.

I have come into contact with many recruitment agencies over the years and hand on heart the folks at Emerson Chase are without doubt the most professional I have found and used. Nothing was too much trouble for them in helping me finding the right role with the right employer based on what I was looking for from my next position, and in conjunction with what my future employer was looking for from me. They never wasted my time or any employers time by putting me forward for roles where my needs and the employers needs were not a match, which I for one appreciated. They were always very supportive, helpful and considerate when negotiating the move to my new role, and I would without any hesitation thoroughly recommend Brad, Joel and Simon at Emerson Chase to anyone who is looking to find a new role and wants highly professional to help them find it. Indeed I already have recommended them to some of my friends and acquaintances and will continue to do so. Thanks again for all your help gentlemen…………”

Les Young - C.Tech.Eng MIEE

I was contacted by Sarah Jane Brown from Emerson Chase in early September 2016, her attitude was extremely positive and her information about the contract role was very detailed. The whole process arranging interviews and reporting the feedback was very thorough. Since accepting the contract role last September Emerson Chase have been excellent in communication, and dealing with all my requests.

I can honestly say it has been a pleasure to have been recruited by Emerson Chase and look forward to continuing to work with Claire and Sarah.

Matt Cowdrey - Project Manager - Det-Tronics 

Sarah got in contact recently regarding a position she thought would be be a great fit for me. After initially speaking with the company I completely agreed. Since then, she has given me guidance throughout each stage of my application, from interview process to accepting the job offer and has been exceptionally professional, organised and friendly along the way.

I’d highly recommend getting in touch with Sarah for your recruitment needs. Thanks again!

Danielle McGowan - Sales Manager - Danosa UK

I worked with Emerson Chase in 2017/18. Sarah has a great professional drive and the highest level of integrity. She manages to find a great balance protecting the interest of the company as well as the candidates.

I would recommend Sarah to any company or individual.

Jon Handeland - Regional Manager Nordics - MSA.

I am not sure where to start, Sarah has exceeded my expectations in every way possible.

I’ve never worked before with a head hunter that possesses a great deal knowledge of the company she is recruiting for, Sarah is extremely helpful, good listener and she makes sure to understand what the candidate needs.

She is very professional and I would like to thank her for all the support she has provided

Ahmed Abou El Saoud - CS & Logistics Manager - MEAIRR

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