Business Leaders and Hiring Managers


Getting the right strategy for your business can be very different depending on many factors.  We pride ourselves on helping businesses to grow, not just hire their next employee! 


– A message from our managing director.

In many cases we would agree that companies can and often do pay more to hire than what they should, this can often be due to habit, laziness or generally just not really understanding the full spectrum of recruitment services available. However, for roles that have a key impact on a companies’ reputation, growth, positioning and success, surely, it’s the return on investment that should be reviewed the hardest, not the individual cost to hire?

As an industry specific Head-Hunter of 25 years I have always been able to convince senior management of the virtues of hiring the very best talent our industry has to offer as opposed to the applicants that respond to adverts, register with agencies or submit CV’s to job boards.

Many of the people who are responsible for recruitment are often dictated to by finance and sourcing managers. Because of this, looking at the bottom line cost is often their priority and consideration is rarely given on the cost of hiring the wrong candidate, or the cost of having revenue generating positions open for long periods of time; this alone could be costing companies millions of pounds in lost revenue!

There is a viable case for using cost-effective methods but for certain positions, front line, business critical and senior management roles, surely companies would want to hire the very best talent in the industry, not just those that are actively seeking a move through the platforms that agencies rely on.

There is a major difference in the calibre of candidate between the re-active methodologies of recruitment agencies and the proactive approach employed by trained Industry specific Head-Hunters.

Whilst it would be considered a generalisation to say that applicants are of a lower quality to candidates sourced via referrals and recommendations, there is a strong argument to say that the top talent are probably very happy in their current positions and would not be open to approaches from agencies, applying to advertisements OR registering with job boards; why would they?

These top performing candidates are available, if approached professionally by an industry specific Head-Hunter.

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