Hr & Internal Recruiters

Executive search isn’t necessarily the expensive option.

Controlling a company's recruitment can be a very difficult task, especially if you are forced to justify costs for hiring through third parties! 

A successful recruitment strategy is a tough process to implement and manage as every role has to be approached in a different manner. Recruitment fees are often pre-budgeted instead of being considered an investment with a financial return. Unfortunately, this causes business-critical, revenue-generating roles to miss out on the strategy they really deserve. Hitting targets and achieving growth is essential for any business to succeed so getting the right strategy and right people for these positions is absolutely critical.

Offering cast iron results and a wealth of industry experience, our approach reduces overall hiring costs, time and hassle, alongside improved productivity and strategy.  Adopting our methodology, companies will see a marked difference to the bottom line compared to using agency services. Hiring top performers keeps your business to running at optimum performance and reduces the need for extensive training, re-hiring and onboarding of new staff. Taking the hassles out of the recrutment process, you and your hiring managers will also find more time to focus on the other critical aspects of your role.

The individual cost to hire is often considered one of the biggest factors in hiring, but when the growth of a company relies on this person, it can be far more costly hiring the wrong person!

Our methodology may come with a higher fee, but long-term, you will notice a marked improvement in the return on your investment.

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