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Author: Emerson Chase
Published: 17th November 2017
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In short:

Process, control, instrumentation and automation weekly industry news round-up by Emerson Chase, specialist executive headhunters

17th Nov: Here's our roundup of this week's top articles covering industrial and manufacturing news, with a focus on process, control, automation and instrumentation.

In detail:

1. Implementing Industry 4.0 – Top Tips

Industry 4.0 in manufacturing

An ERIKS survey found that due to concerns about security, skills and available resources, many manufacturers have not yet implemented Industry 4.0 practices. Director Steve Askins discusses how businesses can better prepare for digital transformation. Read the article here.


2. UK trade 15 months after the EU referendum

UK trade graph: EU exports ran fast after the referendum

Following the release of data by the Office for National Statistics, The EEF (the manufacturers’ organisation) has analysed the state of UK trade, 15 months on from the EU referendum. Click here for the full article.


3. Process innovation: Bringing manufacturers to the frontier

Process innovation in the manufacturing industry: techniques implemented by manufacturers

EEF makes the list twice, having published a new report and infographic with Santander about the state of innovation in the UK manufacturing industry. Read about the highlights here or download the full report.


4. Cybersecurity Lessons From Critical Infrastructure

Siemens Cyber Security Centre

“A recent survey about cybersecurity in the oil and gas industry conducted by the Ponemon Institute and funded by Siemens found that 68 percent of respondents believe their organizations have been compromised by at least one cyber attack.” Michael Belfiore recommends best practices for operational technology cybersecurity. Read the article here.


5. Climbing the ranks in automation

Automation cartoon

EU Automation give us an overview on the emerging economies in the automation industry. How far do they have to go to compete with the manufacturing giants? Read more here.


6. Amplifying the customer's role in digital machine technologies

Brian Irwin Accenture Digital Machine

"Technology is changing the way industrial equipment and services are produced and sold, but it’s the customers that will increasingly become the key driving force behind the industry’s transformation." Brian Irwin from Accenture discusses how this shift will require OEMs to reorient their operations. Read the article here.


7. Digitalization in oil & gas: where is the business value?

Schneider Electric workman oil & gas

“The World Economic Forum is predicting that by 2025, new digitalization technologies will add $220 billion in value to the oil and gas industry.” During a time when the price of oil & gas remains low, Schneider Electric explains how improvements to process and technology efficiencies will prove to be a critical success factor. Read about it here.


8. Digital Twinning: The Future of Manufacturing?

Digital twinning manufacturing automation

The concept of digital twinning has gained momentum in recent years as more manufacturers invest in smart machines that are transforming the industrial landscape. Defined as the mapping of a physical asset to a digital platform, digital twinning is enabling manufacturers to gather data from sensors on their machines to find out how they are performing, in real-time. Read the full article here.


9. Motors & drives deliver force behind the scenes

Motors drives process industry

"Hardworking rotating devices are getting help from variable-speed devices, efficiency rules, and onboard and networked intelligence to aid process applications worldwide." Control Global explains the importance of motors and drives in process control, and how - like the rest of the industry - they are evolving in line with Industry 4.0. Click here to read more.


10. Failure to adopt existing technologies is leading to disparities in productivity and pay

Confederation of British Industry logo

“Low take-up of readily available technologies and management practices is fuelling deep-seated productivity problems in the UK, according to the Confederation of British Industry (CBI).” Read more here.


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