To recruit the best, you need the right approach!

Our 25 years operating on a global scale across our niche has forged us an extensive network of contacts that enable us to quickly identify, recruit and introduce to our clients the very best industry professionals.

Our methodology is highly proactive. Alongside extensive research within the defined target area, through our connections and resources, we gather referrals and recommendations, enabling us to review what the entire industry has to offer, and only present the best matches.

All our consultants are highly trained in the process and our confidential and professional approach allows us to reach out and communicate with anyone. Our management of the search from beginning to end also allow us to overcome obstacles that many recruiters and employers can come across with their approach.

Most individuals that move with our assistance, are rarely, if ever, actively seeking a new role. We usually find that the very best fit for our clients are rarely registered with agencies or job boards, and are not reactive to the approaches made by generalist or internal recruiters. Being in a strong position in their career, they can be uncomfortable about discussing or exploring new roles, and must be approached and communicated with correctly throughout the process.

To complement our standard services, as an added value, through our high level of communication within your market, we hold valuable market knowledge that can be highly beneficial in the planning and strategizing of potential new hires. 

The posts that hold key responsibility for revenue creation and the growth and success of your business are the roles where you will mostly recognise the benefits and return on your investment with us. Amongst improved success in identifying higher quality talent, there are many other benefits that come with using an established industry specialist head-hunter for thesepositions.

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For detailed information on our recent exposure to your market area, a telephone call will help to quickly identify synergies in our network. Should you wish to see a basic overview of our industry focus, please find further details below.


Instrumentation, Control Technologies, Automation, Test and Measurement, Systems, Materials Handling, Fluid Power, Drives and Motors

Science and R&D

Spectroscopy, Diagnostics & Analysis, Inspection, Pharmaceutical, Life Science, Photonics, Chemicals, Materials, Environmental, Quality, Lab Automation


Personal Protection, Access Control & Perimeter Security, Specialist Vehicles, Fire and Gas Suppression, Fire and Gas Detection


Power and Energy, Building Technologies, Oil and Gas, Utilities, Maintenance and Repair, Transportation and Logistics

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